Nullius Terram

NT RPG is an in development play by post role play game set in a fictional world with heavy medieval fantasy themes with a few sprinkles of science fiction and steam punk ideologies. We focus primarily on humans with races known as hunters, mages and innates but we do have a broadened scope that includes the afterlife, with two overarching angles being divinity and atrocity. Beyond this there are rare occurences of non-humans that slip past the veil into Uuxain, some of these are monsters and some of these are simply souls from beyond the human species, it is very hard to tell the difference sometimes. Characters here are placed in a world that is extremely dangerous, mortal time frames are often short meaning death is inevitable and escaping it is a grand accomplishment. What your characters do with their mortal life will also determine their afterlife.

We have a lot to offer in a setting that is fleshed out but leaves enough space for players to jump in and make it their own. We also boast a very relaxed environment where profiles are filled as much or as little as you like, activity checks are non existant, most systems are automated requiring very little intervention from game management, and so so much more.

Join our discord for teasers and chatting with your future favorite community!

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